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Geroff Kindle!

And by Kindle, I mean all types of e-readers.

And by geroff I mean, for authors’ sake, just let it be.

Every week I pick up a handful of posts by some moaning, whining and pouring buckets of anger bloggers who despise the very existence or even the idea of an electronic book. Cry me a river, then. Ok.

No, wait. What?! Come again? Are you serious? You are mad, because… let me think. Because someone is in love with the contents of a book, not with its binding, smell of glue, or of vanillin paper, or with the sound of rustling pages. Really?  Is this the reason you buy books for? Kind of fetish? It’s fine by me. But.

I don’t like reading on computer or phone because it strains my eyes. I don’t like reading on a tablet either, for the very same reason. Yet I don’t write despicable posts to tell the world how I die to ban reading on anything but a soft off-white paper with 11pt Georgia font. I just don’t use what does not seem to suit me well. I also happen to dislike gumbo but I don’t deny your right to have some once in a while.

Now you let the people who actually care about worlds of words and heroes have it their way and that is whichever the way possible. Computer, e-reader, tissue paper, wall, sand, stone…never mind.  Why? Because it does not matter what you think of the medium/device/bearer of the information. It’s the story that’s important. And certainly not your personal taste.

No fancy binding could divert me of satisfy my needs for READING.

Now have it your way, or other way but do not become a paper book-nazi. We have had enough.


I don’t care that much about the form,

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