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FREE business textbooks

Last week I came across a compelling online business library  consisting of (almost) everything I need for the business writing, economics and related studies, including loads of wonderfully written textbooks.

And when I say “wonderfully written”, I mean that an earth, mortal human without previous phd degree could easily understand the essentials, then roll sleeves and get to work.

Over 800 textbooks written by professors

We currently offer over 800 textbooks. The books are in average around 200 pages long, and are being used as both primary and secondary literature.

All our books are written by highly respected professors from some of the best universities in the world and exclusively for bookboon.com.

There we have it, welcome:

Why is it free?

There is an excerpt of BookBoon.com mission and concept:

Bookboon.com publishes free and openly available eBooks for students and business professionals. The Books can be downloaded in PDF without registration. Our mission is that students should be able to go through university without having to pay for textbooks.

If you had a look, please share your experience in the comments below. Do you find it useful the way I did (I already finished two of the books on communication).

Have a magnificent Wednesday,

Take a test BEFORE you start studying

“How do I start to prepare?”, invariably my answer is the same “Take a test.”  BEFORE you decide to sign up for any course or tutor undertake any type of study it only makes sense that you find how much study you will need. Far too many people make assumptions about their scores. Whether you assume your score will be good or bad is irrelevant, it makes no sense to guess if you have the resources to find out the truth!

Once you’ve taken the test you must spend some time analyzing your performance and understanding what you need to do to achieve the score you want.

Via http://careerdiversity.blogspot.com

Idiom: He will give the Devil his due


Literally, pay the devil what you owe him. Used figuratively to mean ‘give back what you owe’, either money or favours.


From Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part 1, 1597:

Constable: I will cap that proverb with ‘There is flattery in friendship.’
Orleans: And I will take up that with ‘Give the devil his due.’

Via http://www.phrases.org.uk

Ain’t no queueing,

They judge you by your language, they do

As a mentioned a bit earlier, I attended a meeting this week. An international one, in which took part people from 10 different countries. While there were 27 of us, only two were native speakers, or the so called bearers of the language.

I overheard (not to be mistaken with eavesdropped 🙂 ) that during a break between the panels, some of our colleagues were judging the intelligence of the others by… their knowledge of English. And those judges were not the natives, mind you!

So, they do not judge not only by your appearance, clothes, height, weight, beauty, what-else-not, but also by your vocabulary and grammar. They put you in these  categories of theirs and no matter how well you can express yourself in your own language, you shall be considered a half-professional till you learn every rule of the English language (European English might count if you would use your charm).

Strange or not?

What a longtime English teacher Patricia Ryan wants to tell us (them) is:

Don’t insist on English!

She has a point, that lady 😉

Your not-that-grammarly perfect,

Those native speakers

I attended a meeting these past few days and got the chance to learn a pinch to a bunch (depends on your hand size) new things:

The interesting word/phrase for today is BOILERPLATE.

But what does it mean?

The term “boilerplate” has been adopted by lawyers to describe those parts of a contract that are considered “standard language”.

The word has also come into use for pre-created form letters on the Internet for things such as issues to be broached by a politician based on an issue ad, requesting a cable network be added to a system by a cable or satellite operator, or a pre-written complaint about something such as a program, book, or video game opposed by a group which created the letter, along with online petitions. Usually the greeting and the body of the letter have been pre-written, requiring the person requesting the action to only type or sign his name at the end.

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