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London: 1. First impressions

20:23 – Landing at the Luton Airport. Nothing fancy. I do not feel anything in particular. It’s just a common, usual airport.

21:32 – Passing by my first target 221b Baker Str. Now this is almost surreal, having in mind that I began The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes two weeks ago, not knowing that I’ll be in London on such a short notice. What you can see is a bad attempt at a shot ‘by night’.

22:00 – Heading to the nearest supermarket. It’s late, I am jet-lagged and not up for going out to have a dinner.

23:00 – After plenty of time spent on reading maps and underground station names, here we are – just a 12 minutes walk from our hotel.

23:20 – Okay, it took us more than 20 minutes. :))

23:43 – I am fighting the WiFi connection and my wordpress app to give you a tiny but prompt information about London.

The city is simply marvellous with its picture-perfect suburbia houses and buildings. People are friendly and helpful; from every ethnicity and colour, mostly young, artistic and vital. At 23 in the evening the streets are full with youngsters, going to pubs, for a walk or just chatting cheerfully.

But what do I know?! It is late in the night and the sites worth seeing are scheduled for tomorrow.








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