Thou rank, hasty-witted bugbear

Do you have a random acquaintance or a smug, priggish colleague that you wish you could [insert swearing here] but you just keep a stiff upper lip and walk away?

Here are some praiseworthy ideas for you that I bet they would not even understand (shouted or muttered under your breath):

(click to download)

Shakespeare’s insult kit

The memory be green,


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4 responses to “Thou rank, hasty-witted bugbear”

  1. Kip Light says :

    Reblogged this on Kip's Thoughts and commented:
    Gonna have to remember these, LOL

  2. bluebookbelle says :

    We were given a list like this back when i was at school! Cue a few weeks of Shakespearian swearing and insults!

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