A Million Thank-Yous

Dear all,

This is my 18th day of active posting(of 23 from the start) and also the day I reached my first 1.000 hits.

I want to thank you!

Please click to hear me πŸ™‚

Next step 10.000 πŸ™‚ I shall get better with timeΒ  (or, at least will strive and hope to:) )

And before it gets too cheesy…

Thank you again,


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5 responses to “A Million Thank-Yous”

  1. Konstantin Stefanov says :

    lol xD i stayed to 1k could not take it any longer ;D

  2. Kip Light says :

    I love those two, but I could only make it to 1608 thank yous before I was laughing so hard I had to pee! Congratulations on the accomplishments and here’s to many more!

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