Top 3 posts for book lovers (or where to find FREE BOOKS legally)

100 legal sites to download literature

From Classics and Science to rare books – a huge resource of online sites with legal and free books for download.

download free books

600 free eBooks for Kindle, iphone/ ipad

Not a fan of converting? Find the books you like in a ready to transfer format.

download free books ipad-kindle-iphone

20 sites to download free AUDIOBOOKS

20 book sites audio books download free

BONUS: Free business textbooks

Career & Study advice, Economics & Finance, IT & Programming,
Languages, Marketing & Law, Natural Sciences, Statistics & Mathematics,
Strategy & Management



Important infrequently used words to know  Another 20 Forgotten words that should be brought back


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One response to “Top 3 posts for book lovers (or where to find FREE BOOKS legally)”

  1. Tami Mor says :

    Hi . I am an English teacher for Israeli students in Israel! Every school in Israel has a small library where students can take English books to read at home and even write a book report project to hand in to the teacher. The problem is there are many students but very few books. Another problem is, there is not enough funding to enrich the school libraries….
    Is there any way I can get used books from American libraries for free?
    Thank you in advance for your help and attention to this matter,

    tami mor

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