32 Websites That Will Make You a Genius

You just need the passion to become smarter. Developing gives you an edge and here are the tools to help you:

  1. BBC — Future

Learn something new, every day.

become smarter

2. Youtube EDU

Educational videos to broaden your knowledge.


3. WikiWand

 An award winning interface for Wikipedia.

become smarter

4. TED

Marvellous videos to open your mind on almost every topic.

get smart

5. iTunes U

The power of technology to transform classrooms.

learn for free

6. Future Learn

High quality online education – enjoy free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations.

Learn for free be smart

7. Coursera

Some of the top U.S. universities offer massive open online courses for free.

learn for free

8. MIT Open CourseWare 

A catalog of free online courses and learning resources offered by MIT.

free courses lessons

9. Udacity 

Interactive online classes and courses in higher education.


10. edX

Online courses from the world’s best universities.


11. Highbrow

 Get bite-sized daily courses to your inbox.

free courses

12. Coursmos

Take a micro-course anytime you want, on any device.

free courses

13. Peer 2 Peer University or P2PU

An open educational project that helps you learn at your own pace.

free education

14. University of the People

Tuition-free online university that offers higher education in multiple course streams.

free education

15. Cerego

Build personalized study plans based on your strengths and weaknesses to retain knowledge.

free diploma

16. OpenSesame

Marketplace for online training, now with 22,000+ courses.


17. CreativeLive

 Take free creative classes from the world’s top experts.


18. University of reddit 

The product of free intellectualism and is a haven for the sharing of knowledge.

free education

19. Quora

 You ask, the net discusses — with top experts and fascinating back and forth on everything.

quora questions answers what

20. InsightfulQuestions (subreddit) 

Intellectual discussions that are not necessarily genre-specific.


21. Digital Photography School

Read through this goldmine of articles to improve your photography skills.

free lessons photography

22.Brain Pickings

Founded in 2006 as a weekly email that went out to seven friends and eventually brought online, the site was included in the Library of Congress permanent web archive in 2012.

become smarter free

23. Gibbon

This is the ultimate playlist for learning.

work team

24. Investopedia

 Learn everything you need to know about the world of investing, markets, and personal finance.

free investing investmant finance lessons

25. Mozilla Developer Network

Detailed documentation and learning resources for web developers.

free developing programming lessons

26. Google Scholar

A search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles.

scholar master thesis free

27. Brain Pump

 A place to learn something new everyday.

free lessons

28. Mental Floss

 Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games.

free lessons

29. Learnist

 Learn from expertly curated web, print and video content.

free lessons free courses

30. DataCamp

Online R tutorials and data science courses.

free lessons free courses free education

31. Platzi

Live streaming classes on design, marketing and code.

free education

32. The long read (The Guardian)

In-depth reporting, essays and profiles.

become smarter

What is your favorite way to learn?


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