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Monday quote

In real world, the smarterst people are people who make mistakes and learn.

In school, the smartest people don’t make mistakes.

Robert Kiyosaki

P.S. “If you’re not embarrassed by work you did years ago, you probably haven’t evolved or developed much.”

Co-worker vs. colleague

What is the difference?

Co-workers are all of those people you work with. Some are on the same level as you, some higher, some lower. You all work at the same place though so you are co-workers.

Colleagues are those people that are your occupational peers (equal level of position and responsibility). Two high school teachers at the same school are coworkers and colleagues. The principal is also their coworker but not their colleague. The principals colleagues are other school principals.

The dictionary tells us that colleagues share class or profession whereas coworkers simply “works with another…”

Via Yahoo answers

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