The Smell of Books

Discussing the e-readers and their lack of the craved smell of books… freshly-pressed-books-smell junkies, here it comes:

The rumor started last year: Chanel guru Karl Lagerfeld was believed to develop a new fragance in cooperation with other book lovers. Apparently the designer has a love for books, besides his love for fashion. His own tremendous bookshelves inspired Karl to actually develop the fragrance, which is – surprisingly – named Paper Passion.

What do we smell? Easy: the smell of fresh printed books. “The best smell in the world”, according to Karl.

Photo’s via: Rts


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4 responses to “The Smell of Books”

  1. robincoyle says :

    Really? Really? Where do I buy me some of dat!

  2. onthewritingtrail says :

    Just English – Just visited all your outstanding posts. Fun. Thanks for varied sources of wisdom. Keep it up.

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