New and convenient way to apologize

 “Ugh, my bad.”

“Nope, not enough.”

Of course it is not enough, you senseless creature. And especially if you are dealing with highly sensitive or emotional people, in other words most women (and some men).

Sometimes I wish I had a blank than I would check and would have had apologized. Done, bygone, far-off, closed page, i.e. forgotten. Or, at least, I would have deflected the coming grudge. Whoa, close shave

Now I have a means and I want to share it. If you let me use some humour.

(Remember that I mentioned highly sensitive or emotional people? Well, this may not work well with them.)


(click to enlarge)

I thought it would be funny,


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2 responses to “New and convenient way to apologize”

  1. robincoyle says :

    Very convenient form. I should get some for my husband.

  2. nchovanec83 says :

    Haha…I absolutely love it!! I know many people (INCLUDING myself) who would greatly benefit from this form…wonderful!

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