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12 responses to “Not into details…”

  1. T.A. Saunders says :

    I’m pretty sure I’d be driven to murder for tattoo screw ups of this caliber.

  2. sharechair says :

    As your other commenter said ……. MAJOR screw ups. Geez. If it’s your business, you’d think you’d double check your work before you make it permanent!

  3. Laura says :

    Doesn’t someone write it down first before making a permanent change to a body? Even the receptionist at my dentist’s office has me verify the spelling of my own name.

    • says :

      Probably the person getting tattooed (that ought to be a tattooee) is kinda illiterate…I have no other explanation.

  4. Kip Light says :

    I am pleased to tell you that you have been nominated by little old me for the Lovely Blog Award. You can pick up your Award and see the rules for the Award at

    If you have already been nominated for this award, please consider this as an added bonus 🙂

    • says :

      Thanks a million, Kip (John). I am very moved to have this honour. I have not yet been nominated for the award abd shall think about 7 things and get back to collect the award on Wednesday. Could we schedule it that way (I’ll tell Siri)? Thank, thank, thank you once again 🙂

      • Kip Light says :

        You’re quite welcome and very deserving of it. Who’s John, anyway, LOL. No need to schedule, it’s taken me a month or so to get around to fulfilling my end of the deal on two nominations for this award and I still have two more to post. You can tell Siri, if you care to, but don’t tell her I have one of those a-n-d-r-o-i-d phones or she might forget to remind you on purpose 🙂

      • says :

        LOL. My Siri is “he”. Sir Siri 🙂 He’s British but not very sharp. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Kip Light says :

        I remember that now. Why does my memory only work in hindsight after I’ve already embarrassed myself 🙂

      • says :

        It’s OK 🙂 Nth of importance.

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